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Stamping on Candles

Infant Jesus Stamp NS455

Heart Rose

Lily Cross

What Is Needed

  1. A candle: any size, shape or color.
  2. Try Aromatherapy candles for Special Occasion party favors for Weddings and Showers (Now available both online and in our catalog #6652 Square Votive Candles $7.50 for 4)
  3. Rubber stamp designs
  4. Ink, embossing powder, heat embossing tool
  5. White wrapping tissue paper

Easy Steps For Embossing On Candles

  1. Plan the design for your candle.
  2. Cut a piece of tissue paper to the size of the area you wish to decorate.
    Stamp, decorate and heat emboss the design on the tissue paper. If you are adding a single small design, cut it out close to the edge of the image. If you are stamping on all-over design,use just one piece of tissue paper cut to measure around the candle without overlapping.
  3. Stamp your image on the tissue paper with Pigment Ink, Sprinkle gold embossing powder over the image, tap off the excess and heat emboss until powder turns from dull to shiny gold raised image. You can also add color to your embossed areas with markers or colored pencils.(See NS2028)
  4. Preheat your embossing tool for a moment, then begin to apply heat to the surface of the candle lightly melting area. Heated surface should have a smooth glossy sheen. Move the tool uniformly around the area for even heating.
  5. Apply embossed tissue over area just heated on candle. Heat emboss and you will see it "disappear" as the heat melts the surface of the candle, causing it to absorb into the tissue. Only your heat embossed design will remain.

Suggestions and Tips

Either solid or open designs can be used.

Phrases and word stamps work well if they are fairly large and bold.
Metallic and opaque embossing powders work the best. A color contrast is desired.

Loose Glitter makes an interesting texture. With no tissue paper, apply heat to the surface of the candle until wax begins to melt. Quickly sprinkle glitter onto surface and apply more heat. This is messy and you will have no control over where it goes, but it is very pretty. A tissue image could be applied on top of the glitter layer.

Experiment on some old candles first to get the feel of it.

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