Catholic Rubber Stamps
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Unmounted = rubber die only, no mounting supplies included  Unmounted stamps only are available on this site. We no longer carrying wood mounted stamps.   Free stamp items with every order!
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Ink Pads
ExcelsiorD DYE : Raised pads that come in 5 different colors. They dry faster that pigment inks and often the impressions are more crisp and bright, making it ideal for stamping.

KaleidacolorD DYE : Each Kaleidacolor pad has a raised rainbow spectrum of five bands. This type of ink pad has been the top seller for many years. It is a dye ink which drys fast and multicolored effects are created instantly before your eyes. To use, remove the lid, slide the color pads together and begin stamping. When finished simply slide the color pads apart and replace the lid to keep the colors from blending in the pad. For light stampers this ink pad will last one year. For heavy duty stampers it lasts for 3 months.

FabricoD DYE : Another popular raised pad that is non-solvent based ink which washes off with water. After stamping, the images are heat set with an iron to be washable. If a mistake is made while stamping, the ink can be washed off with soap and water while it is still wet. Once the ink is heat set, it is permanent. It is ideal for stamping on fabric such as cotton and silk. Other fabrics should be pretested. It is also ideal for wood, and great for Shrink Art because it becomes permanent with the heat tool. The one pictured at the right is a multicolor ink pad, but comes in solid colors as well.

Imprintz Pigment: Known for their very bright and opaque colors, pigment ink is thicker and slower to dry, making it perfect for heat embossing. Pigment ink will dry on any surface that is not coated, since it requires absorption in to the surface for drying.

Tinted Pink Clear Embossing Pads: These pads are filled with clear, slightly (pink) tinted glycerine based embossing fluid which is especially formulated for use with heat embossing powders. Although not able to see stamp image until powders our poured on - the images come out very clean


  • Store your stamp pads level and upside down. This prevents uneven ink distribution and keeps the surface fully inked.
  • To prevent your stamp pads from becoming muddy, clean your stamps when changing colors.
  • Solid color stamp pads in dark colors such as black, blue or dark purple work best for stamping images which you plan to color.
  • Only re-ink your pad with the same brand and the same color of ink with which it was filled when it was new.

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