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Unmounted = rubber die only, no mounting supplies included  Unmounted stamps only are available on this site. We no longer carrying wood mounted stamps.   Free stamp items with every order!
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Unmounted Rubber?

Our company includes unmounted rubber - meaning 'rubber only' without wood or cushion.  Many stamp enthusiasts prefer to have wood mounted stamps and keep them in a storage system or place them in curio shelves for display.  However, unmounted stamps can be a huge savings!

You can search for more information in Google for unmounted stamps and storage


1)  Trim around rubber die to rid excess space that could cause backprint

2)  Mount rubber on cushion and trim.

3)  Mount both rubber and cushion on wood.

Quicker Method (includes no cushion involved) - Use rubber cement on rubber die unto wood until a good even bond is achieved. When done stamping, clean and peel off and store rubber.

Trimming rubber dies:  the idea of trimming unmounted rubber dies is to get close to the "raised image" as possible without cutting into it.  Excess background rubber has tendency to pick up unwanted ink known as 'backprint'.

Cushion:  Cushion can come in many forms and thickness (typically 1/8" and 1/4") and can be different colors.  Usually it is sold in sheets, often 81/2 x 11" available with and without adhesive.  If it is not self-sticking, rubber cement is an excellent adhesive.  In a pinch... foam is sold at craft stores known  as "Fun Foam" and can be layered together with rubber cement.  Dr. Scholl's shoe cushion can also be a temporary measure.

Mounts:  Mounts can be from wood, acrylic blocks, jar lids, heavy foam bloacks.  Wood can be purchased at a local lumber supply or through Google search engine.

Storage:  Since unmounted rubber is air and sun sensitive, preserve your stamps by storing in old photo albums with baseball card sleeves (purchase at Walmart) or fill binder with clear sheet protectors for stamp storage.

Labels:  If method is preferred to leave rubber on wood, make labels by stamp image on paper, trim and glue ontop of wood piece of affix with clear packaging tape purchased at office stores.

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