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Unmounted = rubber die only, no mounting supplies included  Unmounted stamps only are available on this site. We no longer carrying wood mounted stamps.   Free stamp items with every order!
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What is Decorative Rubberstamping?

Transferring artistic designs or patterns to almost any surface. By applying ink or paint to a stamp you can decorate just about anything from paper, scrapbooks, T-shirts, furniture, ceramics, candles and walls.

What is Rubber Stamping used for?

If you are a teacher the kids love them on their papers or as tattoos.
If you are Religious teacher kids love them to illustrate Bible stories.
If you are a occupational therapist, you can use them with your patients.
If you are a parent, you can have children make thank you notes and cards.
If you are a decorator, you can stamp on walls and make fabrics to match.
If you are thrifty, you can make all your cards and gifts

If you are Youth Worker, can use stamps to make cards and candles as fundraisers
If you are in a nursing home, you can teach the elderly to make cards
If you are a romantic you can stamp on your candles
What do I need to start stamping?

The following: Stamps, paper, inks, plus craft punches, craft scissors, glitter or confetti to name a few.
For embossing... a one-time investment in heat embossing tool, pigment inks and powders to enhance your projects. The heat tool makes craft assembling quicker and safer.
For example, Shrinky Dinks(R) can be done inside an oven or toaster oven, but it doesn't compare to the heat tool. Often one can't see the items shrinking in the oven, usually takes a longer time to shrink and adds more heat to the home on hot summer days. With the heat tool, items shrink within 2 minutes right before your very eyes. Kids and adults find this so incredible to watch.
What is a "raised" stamp pad? Instead of a recessed ink surface which sits down inside casing, most inks are raised above the casing. This enables stamping with virtually any size of stamp.
Types of Inks

Dye inks are water based non toxic washable and most are child-safe. Dye inks blend easily and dry quickly and do not fade.
Pigment inks are oil based, acid free, and non-toxic. Pigment inks are not easily washed out of clothing. Pigment inks will not dry on "glossy" paper without embossing. Once embossed with heat tool, it is permanent so it is ideal for embossing. Transparent inks stamp are used in embossing to enhance the colored powders use.
Craft inks are acrylic based inks, acid free, non-solvent, non toxic and water soluable until completely dry or heat set. Once dry you can safely watercolor over them. You can use them on fabric, wood, foam, and other surfaces.

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